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Quality Chimney repairs covering Walsall and beyond

Is your chimney is in need of repair? Here at D.Grainger Roofing Walsall we offer a full range of affordable chimney repairs, can help you with these and a wide range of other chimney repair related issues, from Repairing dislodged bricks & brickwork to having your Chimney Stack Repointed. We'll perform a free chimney inspection for you and will willingly offer advice and a no obligation competitive quote for any chimney work you may want doing.

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We have been serving Walsall with our expert roofing services for over 10 years. Whatever the size of the job, we are the number one choice for chimney repairs in Walsall.

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Based in Walsall, We offer a full range of affordable roofing services, including roof repairs, replacement of your existing roof or the construction of a new roof

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We are a family run Walsall based business performing a professional roofing service to delighted customers for over 10 years with fully trained and polite roofers.

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Chimney repairs for everyone in Walsall

With our ever changing climate, it's very difficult to predict what the effect our british weather is going to have on your chimney. It is not protected well protected like most other parts of your property, so it is vitally important that you should regularly inspect it and deal with any re-pointing, loose bricks, cracks or repairs quickly before they become a major problem. We have over 10 years of experience carrying out chimney repairs in Walsall. Whether it's restoring your chimney's flashing or re-pointing your chimney stack, D.Grainger Roofing have it covered.

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Affordable chimney repairs in Walsall

By choosing D.Grainger roofing for your chimney repairs you know you will be getting top quality workmanship from our experienced team. All work is backed by a quality guarantee. So you can be assured your chimney repairs will last for years to come. We offer a free quote on your chimney repairs work. Our local walsall team have years of experience and knowledge and we use quality materials which are sourced locally, making us the a firm choice for excellent craftsmanship covering Walsall and beyond. For a no obligation quote please call us on Walsall 01922 443 106 or 07787 742 920 the first choice for top quality chimney repairs in Walsall.